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About Hayward Consulting Group

Hayward Consulting Group specializes in utility valuation/appraisal (including electric generation assets), utility regulation, and economic counsel in the natural gas,electric, and water utility industries.

HCG provides services directly to organizations such as short-term technical assistance to public utilities and government agencies (e.g., state utility regulatory commissions). We also subcontract to other firms (e.g., consulting firms, law firms, etc.).

Examples of consulting services include providing valuation reports (related to valuing electric utilities, water utilities, and utility assets); testimony in utility rate proceedings; training; and other litigation before regulatory commissions.

Since HCG was formed in 1993, it has provided responsive cost-effective economic consulting services to over 43 organizations involved in public utility issues. Services have been provided throughout the world including five major continents.

Four characteristics sets us apart:

  • Specialization. Because we focus on public utility issues, we can provide an immediate contribution to a project. The client does not pay for us “moving up the learning curve.”
  • Practical experience. While our work is grounded in strong economic and financial theory, it is our extensive real world experience that distinguishes us from our competitors.
  • Defensibility. Since a large proportion of our work is in the form of valuation reports, expert testimony, policy papers, and training materials (where the work is evaluated by numerous individuals and organizations) we apply strict standards of defensibility.
  • Dedication. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to deliver a quality work product on time and within budget.

For more information contact:

Hayward Consulting Group
David L. Hayward, Principal
1047 Hygeia Ave, Leucadia , CA  92024
Phone (760) 637-1243
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